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Welcome to the the messy world of KOSHERCODE.ORG, the vastly experimental space where our webmaster does his thing. We like to do fun things with code that tie in our experience as journalists and artists. Building things on the web is fun, and should be fun. If it doesn't fit the "formula" of acceptability is not the motivating factor.

Heck, half the time we are glad if the darned thing just RUNS.

Monterey Sephardic Torah Center

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Another area of focus is in the education and experience of Orthodox Judaism and kosher in Monterey CA and the surrounding areas.

One would think that, with so many Jews in the Bay Area, that there would be some kind of Jewish presence in Monterey, but no. There is no daily minyan or scheduled learning or kosher restaurant.

Somebody had to do something about it.

It began with a sefer. The local Chabad had a set of Jerusalem Talmud volumes, so I borrowed Peah to supplement my sephardic-flavored learning. The content was so compelling, however, that I began the twice-weekly shiur that brings lively discussions from the Yerushalmi and brings contemporary meaning through halachic discussions and weekly parsha insights.

The popularity of the shiur was great and led to private learning appointments, traditional "chavrusah" in a yeshiva style. We now are able to schedule learning to fit the schedule of any interested Jew in the Monterey area! Contact Us Now to set up a learning appointment.

A natural outcome of increasing the level of Torah learning in the Monterey area was an increase in the practice of traditional Judasim, particularly in the areas of hosted Shabbat meals and koser food in general. We are pleased to provide delicious kosher meals according to the laws of Shabbat and the Festivals. The meals are hosted in private homes both at sundown Friday night and midday Saturday. Reserve your seat by contacting us and enjoy a traditional seudah.

Travel Log

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When I woke up at the top of the mountain I knew. This was my hometown. Every kid knew the way down from here on his bike or skateboard, neither of which I had. I could see my destination, however, behind the near hill across the valley. Cowles Mt. summit from Mt. Helix? Epic linkup! Thanksgiving in the old neighborhood!

Walking to shul from my brother's place after a Shabbat in San Carlos, seeing the top of the hill upon rounding the corner, I was startled by the loveliness of my old-time stroll on a path well trodden over two decades ago.I grew up in the Young Israel shul and owe a great korat ha tov to the community and the YISD weekday minyan that provided fertile soil for my yiddeshe roots.

The shul was in the building across the street when I finished my Orthodox conversion under Rabbi Elchonon Snyder. Begun in private homes and in the back of a construction office by Rabbi Daniel Korobkin in the time of the San Diego Kollel, the shul was moved to its current location catty-corner to Cowles Mountain.

One fine feature of the location are the many boulders across the street on West Cowles Waterfall and the Painted Wall canyon. There is no Eruv, which makes climbing hard or Shabbat, but a hike to the top of the mountain is always available to the hardy adventurer! San Carlos has a loveliness in its rural aspect, nearly Mediterranean in climate and view.


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Talk about being in the zone... This is just crazy!

Sometimes, I just have to escape into codeland. It's my happy place. In this case, it was a redesign (again!) of my own site using WordPress. It seems an odd thing for a developer to do, knowing this is my chance to impress you with killer graphics and bleeding-edge coding. Tell the truth, the effort doesn't feel like time well spent anymore. The whole internet business has changed so much since I began 1993 that I might as well do as many of my clients have and go the free route.

Grabbing a download is cake. Installing it onto a server is a bit of a trick, however, as the screen capture above can attest! What I did was up the .zip via FTP and expand it right into the root of the server. After renaming the folder to the proper subdirectory and building the database, all that needed to be done was to edit the wp-config and install.

OK. I'm greatly oversimplifying, but the core matter is the same. Open Source software is often better than that built by developers and can be used for free forever. It is robust and feature-filled right out of the box. There are countless templates, add-ons and code snippets for the webhacks out there. Most of all, it puts the creative process into the hands of the owner rather than the developer.

That was the rallying cry of Web 2.0 that cut web maintenance budgets web-wide. We wanted to give content control to its creator, then were upset to realize that subscription payment and update fees were lost in the shuffle. I have been using the format for years on my culture blog, but it wasn't fully embraced until the San Diego Eruv site, which was built in an afternoon and handed off to its corporate committee to maintain. Soon thereafter, it was used for my hosting site and for my community. Now, I have more Wordpress installations out there than I can count.

I've grown to love Wordpress. The menus are easy to create and change. The sidebar widgits are like old friends. Like I said, I'm in my happy place.

Climbing in Pacific Grove California

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Imagine splitter Joshua Tree granite hanging over the lapping surf sounds of the rocky seashore below and you will have climbing in Pacific Grove CA, a tiny community perched at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula. Like all places crazy beautiful, here one wanders for days of endless bouldering and never exhausting the source. Ever abundant. Ever fruitful.

The progression, apt as it is in this juncture of my life, has been one through fear. The landings here are beyond harsh. Simple moves take on a new seriousness above a gaping maw. The first lines, true classics like "The Cavity" on Molar Boulder, have sandy landings under the right tides. The Molar's backside has a steep traverse that tiptoes above the jagged rocks below on mostly solid holds. Ending with a long reach to a crumbly edge and some tricky feet to an juggy highball mantle. A real bonebuster, I've grown to call those moves.

Like any fool, I remain encouraged by those early successes as I wander the bluffs. Plenty of solid rock with bad landings abounds, but I haven't taken to the pad yet. I'm still finding my groove on the funky grit and rotton stone, doing easy stuff in my Desert Boots. I usually don't even carry my shoes. When I do shoe up, the climbing gets hard.

Over by Lover's Point, Pacific Grove's most picturesque cove bouldering area, is found the Dimple Boulder. The landing can be a jump to sand between rocks, meaning good, so its tall arete has been attempted. A sit-start below the lip provides a slab to the left (don't fall!) and the arete, a proud highball leering over sunbathing tourists and toddlers alike, to the right. I've come off those slimy feet many times, shoes and all. That doesn't even include the dry, tall, and untouched upper grips.

image The landings here are beyond harsh...

Finally, I set up a solo-toprope system for the climb above. A sketch system to start with, hanging the cord from an anchor above and taking up the slack while climbing with a gri-gri attached to my harness. Same crumbly unclimbed stuff, but basically solid. My line was to follow a protruding quartz extrusion to the top. But, in a moment of fear, I was spit off! The anchor and gri-gri held! I moved left into the chimney and finished the climb. Although I blew the flash, "The Dyke" at West Lover's Point remains unclimbed.

It is also today's objective.

Monterey Peninsula Climbing Guide